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We are committed to offering 3D Printing Services and custom end-use parts with low-costs and fast lead time delivery.

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LUSHI EINGINEERING is a skilled engineering team and manufacturer with extensive experiences and expertise in manufacturing industries. Primarily involved in additive manufacturing and plastic injection molding, our proficient professionals aim to address industrial challenges using advanced manufacturing technologies. Flexible, well-communicated, and thoroughly implemented, so we build long-term partnership with our worldwide customers.
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Our 3D Printing Services

At LUSHI, Our targeted solutions provide an reliable response to the differrent challenges faced by industrial sectors. We specialize in offering top of the line 3D printing solutions using cutting-edge technologies including Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), and Digital Light Processing (DLP).
Each of these methodologies carries its own set of advantages, allowing us to custom fit solutions to your requirements. Our SLM technology can create highly durable metal components with complex geometries, perfect for the automotive, medical, mold and jewelry industries. On the other hand, both SLA and DLP focus on high levels of detail and smooth surfaces, ideal for prototyping, pattern making, or production parts where aesthetics are pivotal.

AM Solution
Metal Additive Manufacturing

For years LUSHI has been working with universities and research institutes to study the cutting-edge technology of AM, mainly focus on LPBF technology and its applications. We have experienced experts of metal additive manufacturing (SLM/DMLS), who are constantly exploring more efficient production methods in different application scenarios.

Based on our technological know-how, we offer our worldwide clients AM solutions for building durable end-use metal parts for industries such as medical, automotive and energy.


A Wide Range Metal Materials Available for your 3D printing projects

Custom Injection Mold Manufacturing for Large-Volume Production

Plastic injection molding is the process used to produce high volumes of custom plastic parts for commercial and industrial use. To gaining the top-quality plastic parts the mold design and manufacturing play a significant role before production.
With our expertise and industrial insights, we are able to deliver specific tooling solutions for handling even complex projects and large automotive injection molds.

Extensive Network in China to support your manufacturing process

Our base in Shenzhen enable us to implement the full-rang manufacturing processes for your projects. Our engineers will follow up on site throughout the entire process, provide feedback and promptly solve problems that arise during the production process. So that our clients to get the satisfactory results which hugely cut down the project investment.

What Make LUSHI Different?



Our team of skilled engineers and industry professionals has over ten years of expertise in the manufacturing industry, which gives us confidence to handle every task.


Technical know-hows in the advanced manufacturing allow us to drive efficiency, productivity, and quality, while reducing downtime and resource wastage.


We maintain a strict dedication to quality, making sure that our manufacturing procedures fulfill all necessary requirements and result in products of the highest quality.


As a forward-thinking solution provider, we exemplify flexibility, constantly adapting our processes to meet dynamic market demands and customer requirements.


We are committed to not only delivering exceptional quality in every project we undertake, but also take project cost seriously into consideration.


Our extensive networking and resource capabilities within the manufacturing sector provide rapid, comprehensive services tailored to accommodate client requirements.
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China Office: Room 1320, Jingda building, Shenzhen
Contact Tel.: +86 188 2652 5540
Germany Office: Blumen Str.35 42119 Wuppertal
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